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Did you know that apparently it takes just 8 seconds to make an impression?


Websites with professional photography receive 90% more views than those without, according to research.


Images of aircraft in flight taken air-to-air are among the most powerful in communicating your message to your aviation clients and customers. The pure joy of flight is something which all aviators and enthusiasts can immediately relate to. We can provide you with top quality images of your aircraft in flight taken from our camera ship; make your message stand out from the rest!


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Our Camera Ship Pilot

Derek, or to give him his official title - Squadron Leader Derek Sharp AFC- is an ex-military fighter pilot with a background of flying fast jets; he is highly qualified with multiple ratings. He has flown numerous different types of aircraft - gliders, Bulldog, Chipmunk, Cirrus, Canberra, Hawker Hunter, Jaguar, Hawk, Boeing 737 and Vickers VC10 among them. Flying has been a huge part of his life, and he is a qualified instructor. 


He has also recently published his autobiography which details an extraordinary RAF career:-

"A Cold War Fighter Pilot in Peacetime and War" by Derek J Sharp, published by Fonthill Media 2019

Derek is often heard repeating that well-known piece of pilot wisdom that there are "no old, bold pilots"... He does not take risks! The most important thing is always to come back safely and with a big smile on your face!

Our Camera Ship

Our camera ship is a 1974 Scottish Aviation Bulldog. Designed in 1970 the Bulldog is a two-seat RAF trainer which was supplied to 11 different air forces, of which the RAF and Swedish Air Force took the majority. It has been very popular with civilian pilots after its release from RAF service, as it is fully aerobatic, sturdy and is night and cloud capable. The Bulldog has a Lycoming IO-360-A1B6 4-cylinder piston engine, which enables a maximum speed of 130 knots and a cruising speed of 118 knots.

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