Been wondering who’s behind the camera in all these images?

I'm Su, a professional aviation photographer, private pilot and aircraft owner.

With my pilot husband Derek and our capable Scottish Aviation Bulldog aircraft we take high quality professional portraits of pilots and their aeroplanes in flight.


Air-to-air photography, which I absolutely love, is our speciality; every trip is exciting, like an adventure; you know you are doing something challenging which requires a lot of skill, planning and team work and it’s very satisfying when it all comes together. 

Whether I’m in the air or on the ground, I give 100% to what I do, and I enjoy meeting pilots, aircraft owners, or anyone connected with aviation and talking about our favourite subject.


Being an aviation portrait photographer is all about giving people that treasured picture of themselves with their pride and joy, whether it’s their own aircraft, an aircraft they fly with friends, or the aeroplane they have just earned their prized licence in; it’s about capturing them doing something they love which has a very special place in their lives. It’s about immortalising a moment in time, creating a lasting memory, and giving them something they can show their family and friends with pride, something that tells the world that they are a pilot and/or the owner of a beautiful aeroplane.


Why should you choose us?

We are an experienced husband and wife team who have flown and worked together for many years. We have our own aircraft and we offer a unique experience tailored towards you, to create your exclusive aviation portrait. 

I am a member of the Society of International Commercial and Industrial Photographers and also the International Society for Aviation Photography. I have produced images for several publications including the national and international aviation press.


Derek, our camera ship pilot, is an RAF fighter pilot, now retired, who has flown everything from fast jets to airliners; he is very highly trained and has an outstanding safety record. You can read more about Derek here.


The Bulldog is an wonderful platform for air-to-air photography as it is aerobatic, agile and has a superb canopy allowing excellent all-round vision; you can read more about the Scottish Aviation Bulldog here.


Having our own aircraft means that there are no potential issues with aircraft availability, and the serviceability and safety of the aircraft are solely our responsibility; we do not cut corners, as there are no lay-bys in the sky!


If you’d like to find out how we can create your special aviation portrait, contact us now for a chat or send a message; we are always very happy to talk about all things aviation! If you are a business, we can produce outstanding high quality aviation imagery to promote your business and make you stand out above the rest – call now!

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Badge for a qualified member of the Society of Industrial and Commercial Photographers
Logo of the International Society for Aviation Photography

Here are some publications in which my work has been featured:-

Cover of Warbird Digest magazine May June 2019
Opening pages of an article in Warbird Digest about the Scottish Aviation Bulldog by Derek Sharp with aviation photography by Su Khoo
Cover of the magazine of the Internation Society for Aviation Photography September 2018
First pages of an article by aviation photographer Su Khoo about the Royal International Air Tattoo 2018 in the ISAP magazine
Cover of Flyer magazine Learn to Fly Guide 2019-2020
Cover of Pilot Magazine August 2016
Cover of the magazine of the Beagle Pup and Bulldog Club 2019
Cover of the International Society of Aviation Photorgaphy magazine August 2018
Cover of the Jaguar E-Type UK club magazine issue no 160
Cover of the Jaguar E-Type UK club magazine issue no 161
Cover of the Jaguar E-Type UK club magazine issue no 165
Cover of the Jaguar E-Type UK club magazine issue no 163
Cover of the Jaguar E-Type UK club magazine issue no 164
Cover of Porsche Post the magazine of the Porsche Club of Great Britain August 2013
Cover of Porsche Post the magazine of the Porsche Club of Great Britain April 2012
Cover of the book A Cold War Fighter Pilot in Peacetime and War by Derek J Sharp

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