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Who's behind the camera?

Been wondering who's behind the camera in these images?

I'm an aviation photographer, private pilot and car enthusiast.

I entered the fascinating world of general aviation through my partner who is an ex-RAF fighter pilot. Even though he retired 15 years ago he still flies. I started taking photographs of aeroplanes wherever we went as my eyes opened to the profuse variety of different types of aircraft. I love the atmosphere at airshows where you can see them, meet their owners and talk to people involved in aviation.


Shortly after we met I went on my first formation flight, when I had the opportunity to photograph aeroplanes in flight. Since that day, I have never looked back - it was addictive, exciting and challenging all at once.


Since then we often fly in our fully restored concours-winning Scottish Aviation Bulldog. It's a good feeling being part of the team, taking part in the planning, pre-flight preparations, sortie, the landing and de-brief. I am excited when I see the other aircraft closing in beside us, and I admire the considerable skill of the pilots who fly together this way.


​Well, they say, if you can't beat them join them, so in 2017, I gained my pilot's licence. Being a pilot helps aviation photography, gives you a much better understanding of what is happening, and how to stay safe. If you get that right, it’s even more fun!


​My aim is to capture the spirit of aviation in my images, and I hope you have enjoyed your visit to my site.

If you have a project or idea and would like to work with me, I'd love to hear from you. 

Above: A "selfie" with a difference - I happened to catch my reflection in the pilot's visor and took this shot of myself!


Below: Our camera ship is a Scottish Aviation Bulldog T1, pictured at Elvington, North Yorkshire; with its large unobscured canopy it is an excellent platform for aviation photography.

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